Founder, Sarah Oberman, was introduced to private aviation at a young age growing up in a professional aviation family. Her father had a forty-five year career flying charter and her mother, a career selling new Cessna single-engine aircraft. Her brother flew charter for many years before joining a major US airline. Sarah’s upbringing took her all over the country in private aircraft exposing her at a young age to the efficiencies of smaller airports and the benefits of private aviation.

TruNorth Jets | About

Sarah began her career in aviation after graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in business management. She has had experience working across different fields of private aviation from flight training and aircraft sales to jet charter and aircraft management. In 2015, Sarah was the recipient of the Pacific Coast Business Times’ Top 40 Under 40 for up and coming business professionals. And in 2018, Sarah was an expert witness when she testified before Congress in Washington DC on the pilot shortage. Sarah discovered her true passion, jet charter sales, when she got into the field of jet charter and aircraft management. During this time she managed an ultra-long range aircraft and its worldwide travel along with heading up charter sales for the company. Sarah’s passion and decades of experience in the aviation industry led her to found her own charter brokerage company, TruNorth Jets in January 2022.